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Planning Your Next Visit to DAP Health

Planning Your Next Visit to DAP Health? 

Here's what you need to know about current construction projects

We Are Closing the Vista Chino Entrance

On July 10, construction on DAP Health’s Community Pavilion, provided by Desert Care Network, will start with the driveway realignment, which will close down the Vista Chino entrance and exit. This closure makes it necessary to move the Barbara Keller LOVE Building’s main entrance to the side of the building, an access point previously used to gain admittance to The Dock and the COVID Clinic. We will have DAP Health-branded flutter flags drawing your attention toward this new entrance.

Entering and Exiting the DAP Health Campus

Patients and visitors can enter via two southbound driveways off of North Sunrise Way. The first entrance is between the Barbara Keller LOVE Building (home to Walgreens Pharmacy, Urban Yoga, the Marc Byrd Behavioral Health Clinic, Client Wellness Services, Social Services, and Labcorp) and the Annette Bloch CARE Building (home to the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange Clinics). The second is between the Annette Bloch CARE Building and the new Vista Sunrise II affordable housing complex currently under construction.

Where to Park

The entire patient parking lot will remain open during construction, with the exception of spots directly off of Vista Chino. This area will be fenced-off for the duration of construction.

DAP Health Patient Shuttle

For those needing extra assistance, look for the patient shuttle vehicle circling campus. It will make its way from the parking lot to the entrances of both main buildings. If you do not see the shuttle, you can call the driver at 760-422-9528 for pickup.

Handicap Parking

There will be a total of 18 handicap spots reserved for patients in front of the Annette Bloch CARE Building.

Arriving by Bus

The bus stops on Vista Chino and North Sunrise Way will remain in operation during construction. Look for wayfinding signage directing you to the nearest entrance — plus additional information — at the bus stop and throughout campus.