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Dr. Christina Vu, DO


As a primary care physician in DAP Health’s medical clinic, Dr. Vu will be taking care of HIV PrEP and PEP patients as well as the general population.  A California native who is fluent in Vietnamese, Dr. Vu did her internal medicine residency at Desert Regional Medical Center and completed a fellowship in infectious disease at Los Angeles County+ USC Medical Center. She takes great pride is being able to provide quality care to people from all walks of life. 

Dr. Vu, an osteopath, treats patients as a whole; She looks at their overall wellbeing including physical and mental health and not just their individual symptoms. From there, she can assess the entirety of the illness, make the necessary connections between mind and body, and assign a treatment plan.  She provides individualize care based on where clients are coming from.  “I want to meet them where they are and from there, create a plan based on goals with them, alongside them, as opposed to just making it a directive.”

Dr. Vu’s passion is to serve underprivileged populations as an infectious disease specialist and to provide care to vulnerable populations in the community.  Her interests lie in public health and hospital epidemiology, HIV, and hepatitis C. Being an infectious disease trainee during the COVID-19 pandemic gave Dr. Vu an opportunity to be involved in the research and study of trends and characteristics associated with severe coronavirus disease and related pulmonary infections.

When not at DAP Health, Dr. Vu spends her time volunteering. During her fellowship at USC, she started a non-profit organization to help bring mobile medical clinics to people living with homelessness. Here in the Coachella Valley, Dr. Vu created a wellness program during her residency at Desert Regional Medical Center. She is also a classically trained pianist and enjoys playing everything from contemporary music to classical and hopes one day soon to add jazz to her repertoire.

DAP Health clinicians, including Dr. Vu, provide the latest HIV/AIDS treatments in a safe, judgement free environment. They are skilled in working with LGBTQ+ individuals to craft treatments that work and enhance their patients' quality of life. Services includes HIV testing; STI screening; linkage to care; HIV medications, including antiretrovirals, PEP and PrEP; patient education; mental health services; dental services; and more.