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Scott Shuford, RN, MSN, AOCNP

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner

As a primary care nurse practitioner, Scott is responsible for patient health assessments focusing on primary care diagnosis, chronic disease management, and acute illness management. “I approach each and every patient from the perspective that the outcome of my assessment could potentially alter their life.”  With that always front of mind, he treats each patient with empathy and understanding. 

Scott’s approach is to educate his patients, so they understand his thought process when he orders tests or develops a plan of care.  His willingness to listen with compassion is something he offers each patient and, he feels, is reflective of DAP Health’s mission. “It’s very, very patient-centric and patient oriented, and it gives me an opportunity to use all of the skills that I have.”

Originally from San Diego, Scott moved to the desert in 2021 and has since taken up golf. He also enjoys photography and travel.  He’s been on an Alaskan cruise seven times or, as he likes to say, “so many times I could narrate it.” He has also spent time in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Prior to joining DAP Health, Scott spent 13 years working in oncology both as a nurse practitioner as well as a volunteer educator.  He was part of California’s Breast Cancer Early Detection Project and traveled around the state teaching physicians and other clinicians in underserved communities about breast cancer including how to do a proper breast exam and what workups should be done.  Scott was also involved with an end-of-life nursing education consortium where he taught nurses about the end-of-life experience and how to manage and care for a patient.

Scott brings many years of experience in a wide variety of positions - and several degrees and certifications - to DAP Health. In addition to working in the operating room and intensive care units in hospitals, he has also worked in internal medicine, pulmonary care and end of life and pain management. “I’m a nurse first and foremost. There are about 12 letters after my name, but the first two are the ones I'm most proud of. And those are RN.”

DAP Health clinicians, including Scott provide the latest HIV/AIDS treatments in a safe, judgment free environment. They are skilled in working with LGBTQ+ individuals to craft treatments that work and enhance their patients' quality of life. Services includes HIV testing; STI screening; linkage to care; HIV medications, including antiretrovirals, PEP and PrEP; patient education; mental health services; dental services; and more.