Are You at Risk for Hepatitis C?

Some people are at increased risk for Hepatitis C, including:

  • Current injection drug users (currently the most common way Hepatitis C virus is spread in the United States)
  • Past injection drug users, including those who injected only one time or many years ago
  • Recipients of donated blood, blood products, and organs (once a common means of transmission but now rare in the United States since blood screening became available in 1992)
  • People who received a blood product for clotting problems made before 1987
  • Hemodialysis patients or persons who spent many years on dialysis for kidney failure
  • People who received body piercing or tattoos done with non-sterile instruments

People with known exposures to the Hep C virus, such as:

  • Health care workers injured by needle sticks
  • Recipients of blood or organs from a donor who tested positive for the Hep C virus
  • HIV-infected persons
  • Children born to mothers infected with the Hep C virus
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