Ryan White Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Ryan White funded services, DAP must verify the following 5 elements every 6 months:

  • Residency (must reside in Riverside or San Bernardino County)
  • Proof of HIV diagnosis
  • Income verification
  • Ensure you are linked to health insurance
  • Ensure that any Ryan White funds are used as a last resort and other alternatives have been attempted “Ryan White Payer of Last Resort” (RWPLR is the form completed).

First four elements are completed with an eligibility specialist and the “RWPLR” is completed by your case manager.

What can be included in Social Services?
  • Case management
  • Food assistance
  • Transportation Assistance for medical appointments
  • Housing Services
  • Home care services
  • Emergency medication assistance
  • Dental care coverage

 Note: Any services received are paid by Ryan White only as a last resort. In many cases, insurance will cover services (mental health/dental/rx).

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