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Call: (760) 323-2118
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Women of Impact

DAP Health’s Women of Impact is a purpose-driven initiative with the goal to bring to light and address the systematic barriers to health care access that women encounter in their day to day lives.



The Women of Impact initiative aims to build the gold standard of care to benefit the DAP Health network of services and ensure quality outcomes for our community by addressing the barriers that women encounter while striving to access essential health care services.

Underserved and marginalized communities confront challenges related to the scarcity of health care services that include mental health, prenatal and postnatal care, limited transportation options, food insecurity, affordable housing, and inadequate health care infrastructure. The obstacles disproportionately affect women, leaving them with reduced access to timely medical services, preventative care, and essential screenings. 

By identifying and addressing the barriers that prevent women's access to health care, we seek to create a paradigm shift. "Women of Impact" aims to break down the systemic obstacles that stand in the way of women receiving the care they deserve. 


Imagine a future where every woman, regardless of her background or circumstances, can access health care. Envision a community where health care disparities are replaced by equal opportunities for wellness, preventative care, and health education. By addressing social determinants of health, we have the potential to create lasting change that transcends generations. 

Join the mission to elevate the status of women's health care accessibility and forge the way for a new landscape of wellness and equality. "Women of Impact" will become a driving force that dismantles barriers and empowers the entire community. Your impact will be enduring change that improves the health of women and children for generations to come.

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