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Close the Gap to Care: Donate for Health Equity for All 

DAP Health is committed to addressing health disparities in our communities. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live up to their full health potential. We are proud to offer culturally competent, comprehensive health care at our 26 fixed locations and remotely through our eight mobile clinics for those who can't reach us.

Our history of serving marginalized communities has shown us how critical it is that we work to remove barriers to care. With your help, we can bridge the gap to care to provide support and care for those who need it most.

Every dollar counts. Your gift directly impacts the lives of DAP Health patients:

$25 provides a free HIV self-test.

$125 covers the lab tests for someone starting PrEP for HIV prevention.

$250 provides 25 free and confidential HIV tests at a clinic.

$500 provides three community members with basic needs such as food, transportation, and clothing.

$1,000 provides 55 hepatitis C virus (HCV) tests.

$2,500 delivers comprehensive dental care for six patients.

For 40 years, humanitarians like you have been the driving force behind expanding access to care within our communities.

Join us in continuing to remove barriers for a healthy and equitable future for all.