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Call: (760) 323-2118
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Care Team

The DAP Health care team is staffed by astute, compassionate healthcare professionals who lovingly support the healing process of each unique patient.

Care Team

The DAP Health care team is staffed by astute, compassionate healthcare professionals who lovingly support the healing process of each unique patient.

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Howard A. Aronow, MD

Primary Care Physician, Adult Neurologist, AAHIVS

Howard Aaron Aronow, MD, or Aaron as everyone including his patients call him, is currently Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology and Medicine at the USC Keck School of Medicine where he has been on faculty since 1990. At present, he directs the HIV Neurology program part-time, but is happy to also join us part-time at DAP Health.

Dr. Aronow has been treating people living with HIV since the beginning of the epidemic, in 1981, when he finished medical school. He completed his Neurology residency training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and his fellowship in Neuro-virology at the Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, in the mid to late 1980’s. Dr. Aronow was a member of the first Neuro-AIDS Study Group in the nation.

In addition to previously serving as the first Medical Director of the HIV Health Care Center, subsequently known as the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, Dr. Aronow currently serves as Attending Neurologist at the HIV Outpatient Clinic of the Los Angeles County + University of Southern California (LAC+USC) Medical Center.

Moreover, in addition to extensive clinical experience, Dr. Aronow has expertise in the field of neurological HIV/AIDS research, and is the co-investigator on numerous studies researching the neurological effects of HIV on various populations, resulting in publications including “Effects of Coinfection with HIV and Hepatitis C Virus on the Nervous System.”

Dr. Aronow has served as a board member for many organizations including the Center for Health Justice, Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS), and Jewish AIDS Services. He is the only physician on the Los Angeles HIV Legal Services Advisory Panel.

For over twenty-five years, Dr. Aronow has devoted his medical career to the research, teaching, clinical, and neurological care of patients living with HIV/AIDS. Over the course of the past ten years alone, he has clinically treated or supervised treatment of thousands of HIV/AIDS patients. Consequently, he has developed a deep understanding of the emotional and medical challenges this particular patient population endures.

As an open, long-time survivor of HIV himself, Dr. Howard Aaron Aronow has a lengthy and unique personal experience in caring for people living with HIV/AIDS.

DAP Health clinicians, including Dr. Aronow, provide the latest HIV/AIDS treatments in a safe, judgement free environment. They are skilled in working with LGBTQ+ individuals to craft treatments that work and enhance their patients' quality of life. Services includes HIV testing; STI screening; linkage to care; HIV medications, including antiretrovirals, PEP and PrEP; patient education; mental health services; dental services; and more.