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Executive Leadership

Meet the formidable members of the DAP Health Executive Leadership team, ever dedicated to expanding the impact of our services.

Steven Henke

Chief of Brand Marketing

Steven Henke is an accomplished Marketing, PR, and Business Development professional with a consistent record of developing innovative strategies that exceed expectations. As the Chief of Brand Marketing at DAP Health in Palm Springs, CA, Steven has been instrumental in leading the organization's brand evolution, positioning it as a premier healthcare provider in Southern California. With a focus on marketing strategy, brand engagement, and public relations, he has built an internal team functioning as an in-house ad agency, ensuring consistent and engaging brand messaging.

Steven's passion for storytelling extends beyond his work at DAP Health. He is a regular contributor for NBC Palm Springs, sharing the innovative stories of DAP Health and Revivals Stores. Additionally, Steven produces segments about Revivals for local chat shows and an annual television special about DAP Health's Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards gala.

A driving force behind Revivals Stores' award-winning success, Steven created the brand Mode Furniture, enabling the thrift store to market its brand-new furniture, home decor, lighting, rugs, and art effectively, earning them the distinction of being voted the community's best furniture store multiple times. He also launched DAP Health Magazine, a publication connecting the community to DAP Health's commitment to Health Equity, featuring patient success stories and profiles of employees while highlighting Revivals' contributions.

Steven's dedication to his craft and commitment to making a positive impact in the community have garnered him recognition and respect among peers and partners alike. As a spokesperson for Revivals and DAP Health, he continues to drive meaningful connections between organizations and the community they serve.

Contact Steven Henke at 760-656-8401 or [email protected].