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Client’s Bill of Rights


  1. Be treated in a respectful manner that honors your dignity and privacy.
  2. Not be discriminated against in the delivery of health care treatment based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability or source of payment.
  3. Know the reason for tests and treatment and understand the benefits and risks.
  4. Receive comprehensive health care provided in a safe and clean environment and in an accessible manner.
  5. You have the right to talk with a health care provider in private and have your personal health care information kept private as protected under state and federal laws.
  6. Have our staff explain advance directives or other confidential rights you may have.
  7. To get accurate, easy-to-understand information and have someone help you make informed health care decisions.
  8. Have an interpreter available if your primary language is not English.
  9. Refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences.
  10. The right to notify your physician when a second opinion is desired.


  1. Participate in the development and implementation of your care. A Client may also designate a health spokesperson.
  2. To be fully engaged in the services provided, including frequency of services and to participate in decisions regarding your care and treatment objectives.
  3. Provide a correct and complete medical history, including information about past illness, medication, hospitalization or other related information.
  4. Ask questions if you do not understand documents you are asked to sign or your confidential rights to use and disclosure of your health care information.
  5. Notify us if you are already established with another provider or agency and your choice of Laboratory/Pharmacy or other health care service you want to use.
  6. Accept the consequences of refusing treatment recommended by the Physician.
  7. Voice any concerns or dissatisfactions you may have with your care.
  8. Notify D.A.P. immediately of any changes in your residence, telephone number or financial status.
  9. Treat our staff with respect and consideration.
  10. Pay required fees as appropriate.