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Collaborating for Public Health Takes Fr …

Collaborating for Public Health Takes Friends

DAP Health Insights -- Saturday January 9, 2021, from David Brinkman, CEO   

Inspiration for the New Year

The challenge to community health centers is growing as funding continues to be redirected towards COVID relief, threatening care for about 28 million patients they served across the U.S. in 2018. We are collaborating more than ever with other non-profits working for health equity in our Valley for a united approach to public health.

Turning of the New Year—A Show of Hope hosted online by United Methodist Church of Palm Springs, gave everyone a chance to recalibrate and readjust as the New Year begins. It also raised funds for DAP and other non-profits.

Thanks to what Pastor Jane Voigts calls the “magic of saying ‘yes, and,’ Valley entertainers and non-profits convened and collaborated to create a celebration that no one will forget. You can hear more about how together we are finding hope, even in the darkest places in my video message below.

DAP Health Center Will Grow in 2021

Services at DAP are expanding in 2021, but our patients won’t necessarily have to leave home in order to receive them. More mobile van services, help getting Internet access, and telehealth will make health easier this year for many.

COVID’s effect on healthcare and our community continues to develop, but we are acting now to address these challenges. You can read more in our cover story in The Standard Magazine here.

Gratitude for Food Assistance

Food insecurity in this Valley has worsened because of COVID, and the challenges are not ending soon. Thanks to The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and the Pendleton Foundation, our partners at Find Food Bank distributed over 66,000 pounds of food in just two days at the end of last month. This food will provide sustenance for clients of DAP, plus at nonprofits across the Valley, like AAP – Food Samaritans, The Narrow Door, and The Salvation Army USA.

Freedom from Smoking Clinic Resumes

Smoking cigarettes can cut anyone’s life short, and the threat drastically increases for people with HIV (PWH). We are encouraging everyone to stop smoking during this pandemic, although stress and isolation can increase the urge.

We are excited to launch our no-charge Freedom from Smoking clinic, started this week to provide the support smokers need. This 7-week program is open to the public and will take place each week via Zoom. Anyone interested should e-mail Cory Pulver at [email protected] or call 760-992-0469.