Substance Use Care

Outpatient Drug-Free (ODF) Program 

The outpatient drug-free (ODF) program at DAP Health offers compassionate, client-centered substance use disorder treatment for individuals experiencing addiction, and boasts a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team that specializes in working with the LGBTQ+ community and multicultural populations.

Specialties include methamphetamine treatment for gay and bisexual males, counseling and group therapy for individuals suffering from a variety of different addictions and co-occurring disorders, access to community resources, and outside referrals.

Our team uses an evidenced-based, trauma-informed approach, and as always, welcomes all individuals throughout the Coachella Valley as they are, addressing every patient with the dignity and care they deserve. 

The ODF program has two primary tracks. Track 1 focuses on individuals suffering from mild to moderate substance use disorder, with treatment consisting of one weekly counseling session plus a weekly relapse prevention group based on the Seeking Safety curriculum. Track 2 focuses on gay and bisexual men suffering from mild to moderate methamphetamine use disorder, with treatment consisting of one weekly counseling session plus two weekly relapse prevention groups utilizing the Getting Off curriculum. Both protocols are highly effective in achieving positive treatment outcomes.

For more information, please contact the Marc Byrd Behavioral Health Clinic at 760-323-2118. 

ODF certification number 330182AN

If you are interested in Behavioral Health Services, speak with an enrollment specialist today. 

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