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More Healing with Chiropractic

More Healing with Chiropractic 

DAP Health added a new doctor to its Chiropractic team, a move to make it easier for patients to get care. Alyssa Romero, DC, brings clinical expertise with a background in sports medicine, and a passion to help people heal in a community setting. 

“We're confident Dr. Romero coming on board will alleviate some of the scheduling pressure and shorten wait times,” says Dr. Jim Cox, head of DAP Health Chiropractic Clinic.  

Dr. Romero’s work first impressed Dr. Cox when they worked together in the mobile Chiropractic Clinic during AIDS/LifeCycle. 

Both were part of the medical team monitoring more than 2,500 cyclists and an additional 600 roadies as they completed the 545-mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Set up at various checkpoints along the way, they needed to be ready for anything. 

Dr. Romero handled a lot of patient intake.  

“It's a daunting task that she handled with professionalism and grace,” says Dr. Cox. “Always a smile on her face, expressing genuine concern for anyone's needs.” 

The experience at AIDS/LifeCycle showed that Dr. Romero is suited for the patient-focused care that DAP Health provides. 

“I noticed her immediate grasp of any job at hand and the ability to connect with people, “ says Dr. Cox.She'll do just fine in the busy setting that DAP can often be.” 

Dr. Romero described how her experience with Dr. Cox during AIDS/LifeCycle made her want to work with him full time.   

A cyclist hobbled over to our treatment tent in quite a bit of distress and needed treatment immediately, she says.  

“We rushed him back and Dr. Cox actually worked on his lower back in order to get him out of the acute pain so he could ride that day,” says Dr. Romero.  

“He is one of the most caring people I have met, and he genuinely loves to help patients get better,” she says. “He brings a smile and laughter to work, and that energy is what made me want to work alongside him at DAP Health.” 

The level of help DAP gives its patients and clients also was a motivator for Dr. Romero. A surprise to many, DAP helps with food and housing insecurity, joblessness, isolation, and ongoing health care.  

“I was like, I want to be a part of that too!” she says.  

A Coachella Valley native, Dr. Romero is putting her sports medicine expertise to good use to help non-athletes make their bodies function better.  

I might not be doing sports-related things here in this office, but I still have to teach patients how to properly sit, to stand and have form,” she says.  

For her patients who are piecing together how to embrace living without masks and getting more exercise, she has sound advice.  

“It is important to remember to listen to your body, gradually increase your activity level, find an exercise activity you love and simply do it more.” 

DAP Health patients can request chiropractic appointments on MyChartor by calling (760) 323-2118.