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Asymptomatic Testing Now Available at DA …

Asymptomatic Testing Now Available at DAP for COVID-19


DAP COVID-19 Triage Clinic

(760) 992-0407

(Palm Springs, CA) – May 4, 2020 – The COVID-19 Triage Clinic at Desert AIDS Project (DAP) is now offering testing to asymptomatic people who want to know if they are infected or have been exposed to Coronavirus. Until now testing was limited to people showing specific symptoms, although treatment was offered for upper and lower respiratory illnesses at the Clinic to everyone.

The COVID-19 Triage Clinic does not accept walk-ins.

An appointment is still required to access COVID-19 testing at DAP by calling (760) 992-0407.

The right testing based on possible exposure

For accuracy and reliability, DAP will administer testing based on the following criteria:

Antibody testing only: Asymptomatic individuals with 1) No symptoms of a cold or flu-like illness in the last 4 weeks. 2) No Laboratory confirmed contacts to anyone who tested positive to COVID-19 in the last 4 weeks.

Antibody testing + Diagnostic (swab) testing: Asymptomatic individuals who had symptoms or a confirmed exposure within the last 4 weeks.

The DAP Infectious Disease team validated the testing approach on a control group of DAP employees and clients over more than a week. Those tested had either tested positive for COVID-19 or were likely to be negative, without prior exposure, symptoms and a negative swab test.

Dr. Foltz says that four weeks is a longer period to review for client exposure when compared to other testing sites, but data shows antibodies can take longer than expected to form, and this window increases the accuracy of the test. 

With this window, testers can make more informed decisions on whether to administer both tests, or just one.

It remains unproven if recovering from COVID-19 builds immunity.

Anyone who thinks they have COVID-19 is invited to call (760) 992-0407 for information and the opportunity to talk to DAP clinician, who will provide accurate and reliable information and offer next steps.

About the COVID-19 Clinic at DAP

DAP’s COVID-19 clinic is open to any community member experiencing symptoms, regardless of insurance coverage. With every visit to the COVID-19 Clinic, clients will be evaluated for multiple upper and lower respiratory diseases.

The process begins with a quick phone call to our COVID-19 hotline for assessment and scheduling. You must discuss your symptoms with a clinician by calling (760) 992-0407—they will advise you if you should come in for an appointment and will set it up for you.

We provide two appointment options for testing: drive-up testing or testing inside our clinic.  Your phone assessment will determine which option is right for you.

The COVID-19 Triage Clinic does not accept walk-ins.

The COVID-19 Clinic at DAP is the only clinic offering treatment for other respiratory illness that can present in a similar manner.

Treatment provided for upper and lower respiratory infections at DAP’s COVID-19 Clinic includes:

  • Oxygen Therapy for patients who have lower than normal levels
  • Nebulizer treatments to open airways and address shortness of breath
  • IV Fluids for dehydration
  • Fever control with medication
  • Community Acquired Pneumonia Treatment – Injection of antibiotics and ability to prescribe medications to our DAP Walgreens (overnight home delivery available)
  • Influenza A & B testing and treatment
  • Strep Throat testing and treatment

Location and Hours
COVID-19 Clinic at Desert AIDS Project
1695 North Sunrise Way in Palm Springs, Palm Springs, CA
Monday – Friday, 8am – 4:30pm

Before you arrive, call (760) 992-0407 to speak with a member of our care team.

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